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Company Values

Our Values

 These values are stated in terms of positive behaviors. Each employee should take the initiative to understand them fully and live them in all work-related activites. As long as an employee is willing a committee to correcting behaviors and live the values, failure and error will be addressed from a ‘What can we learn?’ and ‘How can we succeed?’ perspective.


We obey the law and strive to do what is right. We are honest in our dealings with all. We speak the truth and our word is our bond. We treat all people with dignity and fairness.

Caring Hospitality:

We give gracious, competent, and caring service. We treat each person as a cherished personal guest and desire all to have a wonderful, uplifting, and memorable experience.

Positive Work Attitude:

We make an effort each day to have a positive attitude towards our guests, co-workers, and self and to make work enjoyable.


We are champions of safety, especially food safety, for all our stakeholders – guests, owners, employees, and suppliers.

Direct Communication:

We are open, honest, direct and understanding with all our stakeholders. We address individual disagreement directly and with the person with whom we disagree. We constantly seek feedback about our individual and collective performance and use this feedback to improve our work. We counsel together to resolve any issues that may arise between individuals, the team, or the organization.

Continuous Learning and Improvement:

We are competent and knowledgeable about our stewardships. We are always open to new and creative ideas. We select and develop the best ideas to continuously improve our individual performance, our team’s performance, our service to guests, and the organization. We provide growth opportunities for our employees.

Financial Responsibility:

We strive to generate a reasonable return on investment and provide our guests with value through the prudent use of assets and by understanding the economics of our stewardships.

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